Qi Shield provides products with the Power of Qi/Chi. Qi Energy & Wellness products corrects disorganized energy fields and blocks EMF from entering your body.

You owe it to yourself to try our Qi/Chi Energy Jewelry.

Qi Shield Energy

Qi Energy & Wellness Jewelry

YuánQì® Tec introduces a technology that unites the ideologies of ancient Eastern medicine and the benefits of advanced scientific research. The company behind this technology have honed the results of centuries of studies by the Chinese medicine pioneers and years of research by scientists in the bio-technology field, and put them together into a comfortable and convenient line of products.
The concept that is central to Eastern medicine is an internal substance that the Chinese call "Qi" (pronounced "chi"). In the west we describe this as bio-electric energy. Similarly, "western" scientists have found that each human body has a common natural electrical frequency. The two concepts are married into the belief that when the electric frequency of the human body drops or is compromised by the electromagnetic pollution that we are all subjected to in today's society, one's health and well-being are at risk.